Technology has grown significantly to the point where we now expect to see HD televisions in our hotel room and remote control curtains with voice control heating and cooling.
Our world is fuelled by technology, and with that, the consumer expectation is also growing fast.
In the hotel industry customers thrive to have a positive experience and their expectations for technology run high.
Adding more technology will keep customers happy and willing to return again and again.
Technology means easier and worry-free for customers and for hotels around the world, even hospitality jobs in Tasmania. When a new app is created, or a new gadget is invented, we are raising customer expectations. With technology anything is possible, and pretty much anything can be created. In order to meet the consumer’s expectations, we need to turn to technology to help us out. By using technology, it will enable you to stand out from the rest, the ability to fulfil each customer’s expectations and even attract new customers.

What really is the impact of tech on hotels?

Automate check in and checkouts

To improve efficiencies, every hotel is going towards the automate check-ins and out process. Pretty much now for a few hotels, the mobile check-in system is normal which is a positive thing as it will enable the staff more time to address the guest’s concerns.

Conserving power

Hotel operators have committed to environmental sustainability services to reduce their energy consumption. Energy goals were launched in 2009 and offered to cut the energy by 30% and water by 20% by the year 2020. By installing motion sensor technology, we can save use natural lighting from outside as the lights will stay off until someone enters a room.

Using technology to encourage potential customers

Using technology to encourage potential buyers is the latest trend. People want to hear what other people thought of the hotel and don’t just want a few pics of the hotel everyone craves videos of inside the rooms and around the gardens and sitting areas.
Every man and his dog are on social media these days, so what better place to attract customers? Go to where everyone can be found. By creating a page, you can upload videos and individual photos if someone requests them. Potentials customers can message you if they have a question rather than sitting on the phone going through steps to get to an operator.
Customers want to feel like your hotel is different from the rest so show them. If you offer romantic getaways in Tasmania, then show off what you have got to offer and if people offer some advice on improvement always listen as it could just be the new trend that will bring in new customers.
There is no doubt that technology will only get more advanced and you need to be aware that it will play a huge role in the hotel business. Technology impacts your business so much it can make or break it.
When you are getting your business involved in new tech don’t forget to still add the human touch. Greet guests, knock on their door and personally ask if they require anything instead of sending a message or phone call to their room. People still love human interaction it makes them feel important and not just another payment from a room rented.

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